ABOUT US 关于时尚澳洲

INDULGENCE MAGAZINE 時尚澳洲雜誌於 2011 年 1 月创刊,是澳洲本土唯一的中文高端奢侈品雜誌。雜誌匯集了各大世界高端品牌和澳洲特色的時尚品味生活。

INDULGENCE MAGAZINE 時尚澳洲雜誌一年發行 4 期,包括網站、電子雜誌以及各社交平台,為广大讀者提供最新穎最潮流的精彩時尚資訊。

INDULGENCE MAGAZINE 時尚澳洲雜誌是您了解最新的流行趨勢,奢侈品,景點,旅遊,餐飲和購物體驗的絕佳選擇。

INDULGENCE MAGAZINE 時尚澳洲的媒体平台还提供私人訂製服務, 从游艇到服饰,从直升機到私人喷气机,从豪華美容到美食美酒預訂 歡迎合作咨詢。

Indulgence Australia was launched in January 2011 as the only magazine designed exclusively for wealthy Chinese tourists, business travelers, professionals and high net-worth individuals living in Australia. The quarterly magazine showcases the very best Australia has to offer to this affluent group, giving them a look into the latest fashion trends, luxury goods, attractions travel, dining and shopping experiences.